F A Qs


FAQ's about Resin gravel driveways, rubber crumb, also resin stone installations


What colour is the Bound resin?

The resin we use is clear, ensuring the bound aggregates retain their natural appearance.  

How long after installation can it be trafficked?

This will depend on your particular project and ambient temperature, but typically curing times of 3-5 hours for light pedestrian traffic applications and 18-24 hours for vehicular traffic should be allowed.

Should an edge restrainer be installed?

A suitable edging restraint should be specified using brick, stone, concrete, steel or aluminium as required, to ensure that a neat and tidy finish is provided and that edges are protected from spalling.

How long will the surface last?

Anticipated life expectancy, dependant on project and substrata.

Bound (permeable)

Footpaths & driveways : 10-20 years

What are SUDS? (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems)

SUDS are a range of techniques that aim to mimic the way rainfall drains in natural systems. Many drainage systems that already exist can cause some problems of flooding, pollution or damage to the environment and are not proving to be sustainable in the long term.